Welcome to ROCK SOLID JADE. We specialize in Jade from world wide locations  in Rough, Slabs, Cabs,Specimens, Finished Jewelry and Carvings. In both NEPHRITE JADE and JADEITE JADE including CLEAR CREEK JADE, BIG SUR JADE, and VONSEN BLUE JADE, from right here in California, also WYOMING  JADE, and BRITISH COLUMBIAN  JADE, (CANADA JADE), from North America, other sources include SIBERIAN JADE, from Russia, and HOTAN JADE from Xingiang Province in China, also GUATEMALAN JADE, and BURMA JADE, please note all our BURMA JADE is pre embargo and complies with all rules and regulations of the U.S. goverment, in addition ROCK SOLID JADE uses Fair Trade Practicesand we go out of our way to deal direct with the little guy and get direct to the source to get the money in the hands of the people who make the products. This is where my 34 years of beating the back streets of Asia and the 3rd world come in, weather you are looking for JADE from the beaches of California,to the Jungles of Guatemala, or the markets of Asia we can fill your needs and desires in the world of JADE. So take a little time to look around the site.

We also carry a many other kinds of stones in rough and finished products  including MORGAN HILL POPPY JASPER, and STONE CANYON JASPER, CHAROITE, TURQUOISE, LAPIS, OPAL, FIRE AGATE, FOSSIL CORAL, just to mention a few thank you for coming by and hope to see you here often.


I travel the world to bring you a wide selection of JADE from many locations. This is a photo of me looking over some Natural Hotan Nephrite Jade River Slicks, In Guangzhou, China.

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you will take the time to look around and visit again soon.

Kirk Brock